Download the Parent’s Summer Brochure!

When you send your young person to Camp Joy, you can be certain that they will be taken care of, will be safe, and will enjoy their time at camp.

*We know it is tempting to send your child to camp with a cellphone or a way to contact your child, but we ask that you do not do that! We have two staff members solely to watch the counselors and the campers. These two staff members have cellphones available to text or call at anytime. They also let the campers call home in the morning or evening if necessary!

At registration, the campers & parents meet their counselor whom they will stay with all week. The counselor will direct the campers to all scheduled activities. Camp Joy does their very best to recruit counselors who are responsible and are sold out for Christ! The counselors also have two supervisors who directly watch over all the goings on.


All activities—rise time and bed time, chapel time, and meal time—are suited to each age group. Appropriate activities are organized for the eager vitality of teens and the developing abilities of juniors and primaries.


Services are specially planned according to the age group. The speakers during junior and primary camp weeks may teach a special topic such as the fruits of the Spirit, armor of God, or the Ten Commandments.

Dynamic speakers during teen camps bring messages appropriate to teenagers dealing with their development into adulthood. Teens are encouraged to plant their feet on the Firm Foundation and stand where others may not be bold enough.

Counselors are available after each service if campers have questions or need to pray about a decision they made during the message. The spiritual fruit we have been blessed to witness is a testimony to the Lord’s desire and ability to work in the hearts of campers.

Schedule of Events

A day’s schedule of events looks something like this.
7:00 Rise and Shine
8:00 Breakfast
8:35 God and I Time
9:30 Chapel I
11:00 Sports and Skill time (Jr)/ Iron Man (Teen)
12:00 Lunch
1:00-2:30 Girls’ Lakefront/Boys Gen Rec Time
3:00-4:30 Boys’ Lakefront/Girls Gen Rec Time
5:00 Dinner
6:00 Competitive Activity or Iron Man (Teen)
7:15 Chapel
9:00 Snack Shack/ Bookstore

Visit us!

Come along with your child for a week of camp and see the activities. We welcome parents and other sponsors to participate in the ministry of Camp Joy.

Email a Camper

If you child is currently here at camp, you can use this email form to send a message. We’ll deliver your message to your child during the week.

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