In a society filled with distractions, it can be difficult to focus on God and draw near to Him. Everyday cares can choke out spiritual growth like thorns to a healthy plant. That’s why camp is so important—it functions as a spiritual greenhouse, filtering out everyday pressures and creating an ideal environment for spiritual growth.

For the brief time you’re at Camp Joy, we work to create an environment free from the world’s distractions, so you can rest and be refreshed, resulting in accelerated spiritual growth. A concentrated exposure to the light of God’s Word, through the consistent preaching and ministry of God’s Word, will help you refocus on Him. The atmosphere of Camp Joy—godly mentors, wholesome fun, and an emphasis on personal time in God’s Word—is designed to nourish your spirit. Our goal for everything we do is to help you grow in grace and in the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

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