Camp Joy History Provided by Charlie Hatchett:


In 1959, Pastor John Loggans, a pastor in the area, had a vision for a Baptist youth camp that could be used by local Baptist churches.  He and four other pastors encouraged 23 conservative Baptist churches to join in the formation of a non-profit corporation which could borrow money to buy land and build a camp.  In 1961, they purchased a total of 21 acres for $12,500, including the beautiful frontage on Whitewater Lake.  Some years later, they were able to purchase an additional 20 acres.  A variety of pastors from area churches provided leadership for the camp, and by June of 1962, the camp opened its doors to youth of all ages.  The ministry flourished as many young people were challenged and refreshed, and lives were changed.  In 1976, the board of directors decided the camp needed a full-time director.  Through God’s perfect direction, Charlie Hatchett became the first full-time director of the camp in the fall of 1976.

Reflecting on God’s faithfulness we have witnessed many changes – from sleeping in tents, washing in the lake, and cooking over campfires to clean, furnished air-conditioned rooms with private showers and eating in a spacious dining room.  But there are some things that will never change – our purpose has always been to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ in all things.  God has been faithful in changing lives through the preaching of the Word and we continue to witness young people surrendering to full-time ministry.


W7725 Kettle Moraine Dr, Whitewater, WI 53190