Camp Joy’s ministry is completely dependent on God’s provision! It would be impossible to run this camp without God taking care of all our needs. When God provides for His work, He often uses people as His instruments. Much of what God gives us comes from donations from supporting churches or individuals in those churches.

At this present moment, Camp Joy is looking to purchase some adjacent land to further the work of the Lord.

Some Information Regarding the Facts of the Camp Joy Land Purchase from the DNR…
·Camp Joy is interested in the farm grounds and farm buildings so that programming can be done for kids to see, learn and experience what Wisconsin farm life is about.

·One goal of Camp Joy is to bring urban youth out and let them experience the country; we would like to keep it as rural as possible.

·Most of the woods and all of the ponds will be retained by the DNR. Camp Joy will work with DNR to restore the wetlands and prairies; and it will allow the youth and their families to learn and volunteer their time to the project.

·Nothing will be done to develop anything but the farm building site until the lease for the cropland has expired.

.Deer and turkeys frequent the current camp grounds and are welcome guests.

·No fences will obstruct the wildlife corridor.

·The purchase will be based on the current appraised value of the land.

If you would like to make a monetary donation to Camp Joy, you can do so right now by clicking on the donate button.

Thank you to all those you donate to Camp Joy!



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