Founded in 1962, Camp Joy has been privileged to serve countless numbers of campers. The ministry has progressed from the vision of a local pastor to the thriving ministry it is today, built on the generosity, sacrifice, and determination of churches and volunteers, and made possible by God’s faithful provision over the years.

In 1959, when Pastor John Loggans of Burlington Baptist Church became burdened to establish a Bible camp in the area, he and four other pastors encouraged 23 conservative Baptist churches to join in the formation of a non-profit corporation to pray and seek land while the camp began at rented facilities. In March of 1960, the name Camp Joy was chosen, and in April the current site was located. When a committee of men from 26 Baptist churches looked over the property in May, they agreed that they should ask the Lord what He would have them do. In a circle on their knees, they prayed for the Lord to direct them in the matter of purchasing this property for $12,500. God gave them confidence that this property would become Camp Joy.

History_aIn 1961, Pastor John Loggans was appointed the first director, and construction began on the main lodge which would include six rooms for boys, six rooms for girls, a kitchen, a dining room, and a chapel.

History_dIn June of 1962, the doors opened for the first week of camp. Over the next 50 years, additional land was purchased, renovations were completed and program items were added, expanding the accommodations and making the camp into permanent facilities. The staff grew from one full-time caretaker to the large staff God is using today.

History_fCamp Joy celebrated its 50th year of ministry in 2012 with a picnic and memorial service on the 4th of July. Many honored guests and representatives from churches, who had been influential in supporting the ministry, were present as the camp remembered faithful servants, construction projects, and ministry over the last 50 years. The camp desires to move forward, trusting the Lord to give 50 more years of service as long as He sees fit to use the ministry of Camp Joy.

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